Friday, February 26, 2010

The importance of underwear

Rarely do I have anything useful to say about dorm life. Occasionally, the food is bad enough that it tries to bite us, but other than that, life mostly consists study, sickness and sleep.

But today, something interesting occurred to me while I was busy editing my manuscript. A blob of guys was standing in front of the laundry room, each with a bag slung over his shoulder. Some wanted their mothers; other wanted their paychecks; none of whom had dates for the weekend.

As it turns out, the average young adult male's wash cycle centers around his supply of clean underwear (boxers or briefs irrelevant). Whenever they run out, they must either buy more or wash the ones they have soiled. This then becomes a problem, since the average dorm floor has but one washer and one dryer, and over 40 guys. You do the math while they do their laundry.

Of course, laundry is costly being $4.00-$5.00 a week, which can add up to the cost of a fine date, and we all know how much guys like those. Of course, there is also a strong correlation between fancy date and cleanliness, so this fact assumes that these young men do not re-wear their underwear in an attempt to save for a date. Let's not get into the details....

So remember, my good people, unless you wish for your sons and brothers to have a miserable college experience, send them off with plenty of underwear.

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